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New Polycarbonate Icarex

Product Photo The newest version of Icarex Polyester is stronger than ever. A new formulation and coating process makes this the ultimate fabric for high performance kites. We stock the new Polycarbonate Icarex in 14 different colors. BFK has been a leader in offering the best kites at the lowest prices. We are extending our inventory to include the best kite making materials at the same low prices.

Icarex Colors & Catalog Code
39921 Black 39922 White
39923 Grey 39924 Light Grey 429
39925 Red 39926 Rubin Red
39934 Orange 39927 Yellow
39929 Teal 39928 Forest Green
39930 Royal Blue 39931 Midnight Blue
39932 Purple 38833 Grape

the Kite Store
Guaranteed Lowest Price
Price US: $8.88 Per Yard

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